Bee Health



Why use VitaFeed Nutri

VitaFeed Nutri is a protein-rich feed that boosts honey bee health, increases brood area and increases honey production. VitaFeed Nutri is a rigorously tested, GMO-free nutritional supplement that can be used at almost any time of year to promote controlled colony growth. VitaFeed Nutri is scientifically formulated and packed with an optimum blend of vitamins and crude amino acids specifically developed to boost your bees.

When to use VitaFeed Nutri

VitaFeed Nutri can be used throughout the beekeeping year:

  • For early development

    For faster colony build up, use VitaFeed Nutri to support colony development when there is a lack of pollen

  • In readiness for the honey flow

    For increased honey production, use VitaFeed Nutri to stimulate increased egg laying and boost colony growth

  • During foraging gaps

    Keep colonies strong and productive by using VitaFeed Nutri during temporary summer pollen gaps. When nectar is flowing but there is a temporary lack of quality (vitamin and amino-acids) pollen, the powder should be sprinkled onto brood frames. Extensive tests have shown that application in this way does not contaminate honey.

  • In preparation for winter

    Increase winter survival rates by feeding with VitaFeed Nutri

How to use VitaFeed Nutri

VitaFeed Nutri is available in a 500 gram pack sufficient to feed approximately 16 colonies. In spring and autumn it can simply be diluted with sugar syrup and fed to your bees, following the label directions. VitaFeed Nutri can also be used during the honey flow by sprinkling the powder on top of the brood frames when installing, adding and removing super frames.

Advice & Tips for use

Store at room temperature.