Bee Health



Why use VitaFeed Gold

VitaFeed Gold is an enhanced liquid feed for honeybees that strongly stimulates the controlled development of colony population, particularly in weak colonies.

VitaFeed Gold is particularly effective when applied to colonies infected with Nosema, leading to a dramatic reduction in number of Nosema spores present, an increase in bee population and controlled brood build-up.

Numerous trials around the world have shown VitaFeed Gold to have equal or better efficacy than Fumadil B against Nosema.

When to use VitaFeed Gold

VitaFeed Gold is best used in autumn after the supers have been removed with the last feeding of the year or in spring after the first cleaning flights.

How to use VitaFeed Gold

Prepare a 10% solution of VitaFeed Gold in sugar syrup (50% water and 50% sucrose). For example, 100 ml of VitaFeed Gold in 900 ml of syrup. With a large syringe, sprinkle the solution over the honeybees in the bee-ways, using 100 ml of the mixture per colony. Apply this dose 5 times, one treatment every other day.

Advice & Tips for use

Store at room temperature.